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EV drive solution/Accessories expert

We required the projects discussion with the appropriate technician but not supporting individual conversion project . Looking forward to our long-term cooperation.

We electrify everything

The world’s leading vehicle electrification overall solution provider, dedicated to providing overall electrification solutions for heavy trucks, light trucks, buses, construction machinery, and passenger cars. Provide all accessories included in the electric drive system, battery system, and electric control system.

We are located in Shanghai, China and established in 2011. During this period, it helped nearly 2,000 auto companies to make their cars run on electricity.

We are engaged in the sales of motor,motor controller , battery and other EV parts such as three in one controller (DCAC,DCAC,DCDC), OBC+DCDC+ PDU,Electric power steering pump, Electric power steering rack,DCDC, Battery cooling system, Air conditioner system, Air condition compressor, Water pump and so on.

  • Production line safety

    Computerized automatic inspection integrated in the assembly line for 100% quality & performance inspection.

  • Product development

    Modularization capability: build modular units based on the motor and controller platform to facilitate the rapid realization of product extension.

  • Willing

    Adhere to the combination of mature technology application and technological innovation.

  • High quality

    Create a five-star service product with high power density, high efficiency, new technology, low cost, mature, reliable and safe

  • Development ability

    It has 103 design specifications and guidelines, 510 key design indicators and review points, and more than 600 PCR libraries and FMEA libraries. Fully control the development quality.

  • Team

    an experienced simulation design team, the main purpose of the simulation stage is to avoid development risks, reduce costs and shorten the development cycle.

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Product Catagory

An Electric Drive Unit (EDU) consists of 3 main modules: the power electronics, the gearbox and the electric motor. All three must work in perfect harmony to get the vehicle moving. EDUs deliver dynamic driving behavior, driving fun and comfort as well as cost savings and efficiency in the overall system.

PMSM MotorAccording to our discuss, we will recommend proper motor and controller to you. Not providing controller only.
Motor Controller
Gear Box If needed. Some plans integrated motor+controller+gearbox together as 3 in1.
OBCSingle OBC, OBC+DCDC 2 in 1, OBC+DCDC+PDU 3 in 1.
EHPS For conversion projects.
EPS   For new vehicle building projects.
Water PumpNeed a future demand with MOQ 20.
Vaccum Pump    
Air Brake Compressor   
Auxiliary Controller  Integrated DCAC oil pump+DCAC air brake compressor+DCDC, 3 in 1
Battery only heavy trucksBattery pack and battery cell. But for small car, battery pack is big, we can only provide battery cell, you’ll pack according to car body yourself.
Air Conditioner System  
Battery Thermal Management System   
Harness Wire(High Voltage)If the quantity is small, it cannot be provided

EV powertrain is responsible for taking energy stored in the vehicle’s battery system and supplying it to the motors.

“E-Axle” is an integrated product of motor, inverter and reducer. As long as it is installed on the body and energized, the drive shaft connected to the tire can generate rotational torque to drive the car.

An electric vehicle battery (EVB, also known as a traction battery) is a rechargeable battery used to power the electric motor of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV).

An inverter is a device that converts DC power to the AC power used in an electric vehicle motor. 

Other parts

This robust, reliable and safe system provides oil flow for assisted steering applications allowing a 30-50% energy saving by “power on demand” for a fast project turn-around and an adjustable steering performance.

An electric air compressor is a necessity for all electric buses with an air brake system. Air brake compressors used in traditional vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine.

The auxiliary motor controller is the controller developed especially for the steering pump, air pump, DC-DC function unit. It is integrated with V/F and high performance open loop vector control algorithms to control asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.

A compressor is the engine of an air conditioning system. It’s the part that changes the refrigerant from a cool, low-pressure liquid to a hot, high-pressure gas, and then back again.

An electric water pump uses a motor to send coolant from the cooling system to the motor internals. The system engages once the powertrain starts to overheat. The ECU receives the signal, and it initiates the water pump.

Electric power steering rack is a type of power assisted steering rack that uses electric current and electronics to make it easier for us to steer our car.

The electric vacuum pump is used when the vacuum required for the brake booster cannot be provided by the vehicle’s propulsion engine or is not sufficient. This applies in particular to electric, hybrid, diesel and gasoline direct injection vehicles.

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