EPS is a device that controls the rotation direction of the steering assist motor and the output of assisting torque through the processing and calculation of the electronic control unit (ECU) of the electric power steering system according to the driving speed of the vehicle and the steering torque of the driver , so as to achieve the optimal steering assist effect. .

Compared with the traditional steering system, this product has the following advantages:

• Energy saving; Steering is light and responsive;

•  The system layout is free and easy, and the assembly capacity is high;

• Low noise, high comfort and active safety;

• Lightweight;

• No hydraulic oil circuit, no oil leakage problem, while reducing environmental pollution;

• Steering control system software settings can achieve the best performance and rapid development;

• Save maintenance costs and quickly diagnose faults;

• Can adapt to the needs of ADAS and automatic driving

EPS composition and function