Performance Features

Electric vacuum pump OE-V001

Rated voltage 13.5V

The current voltage; 15

Operating temperature -40° C ~+ 120C

Vacuum protection level

IP56 noise pressure level within 65dB (A)

Weight 1.7kg

Performance Features

(1) No oil lubrication, maintenance free

(2) Compact structure, flexible and convenient installation, reliable performance

(3) Low power consumption, high efficiency and long life

(4) Anti-reverse protection

(5) Over flow and temperature protection

Product Usage:

(1) Provide an auxiliary or independent vacuum source for the vacuum booster of the braking system

(2) For hybrid, pure electric, fuel cell and other new energy vehicles

(3) Used in automatic or turbocharged engines to improve driving comfort and safety

(4) Replace the traditional mechanical vacuum pump, reduce engine emissions, save energy, improve efficiency


cardinality parameters

Cardinality parameter:

(1) Rated voltage DC24V

(2) Current S12A

(3) Working temperature -40℃~ + 110℃

(4) Vacuum degree 288%

(5) Protection grade IP65

(6) Noise within 70dB (A)

(7) Weight 1.9Kg

Product Features

(1) Double cavity opposition

(2) Diaphragm structure

(3) Integrated check valve

(4) High reliability

(5) Independent and single vacuum source

(6) Low noise

(7) Long life