Solution For Electric heavy truck

350KW EV conversion kit for truck


Assembly basic performance parameters

Motor rated/peak power/kW250/360
Motor rated/peak torque/N.m1600/2600
Motor rated/peak speed/rpm1492/3500
Motor rated voltage/VAC385
Transmission ratio8.51/4.94/3.0/1.88/1.22/1.0
Assembly maximum output torque/N.m22126
Assembly maximum output speed/rpm3500
Assembly protection levelIP67


ev battery

Technical requirements: 

1.Rated capacity of electric box :228Ah, rated energy :35.24kwh, nominal voltage 154.56V
2.Unmarked dimension tolerance refer to GB/T 1804-V
3.If no technical requirements are specified, refer to the technical agreement
4.Protection grade of electrical box :IP68
5.Refer to the technical agreement for the barcode box number of the nameplate system
6.The note is pasted correctly without bubbles
7.Keep the surface of the box clean and stored in a dry place without exposure to sunlight and water
8.The locking torque of the box is 805N.M

3.Air brake compressor---Steering pump---Auxiliary controller

Air brake compressor

Rated exhaust380L/min
Motor Power4KW
Rated exhaust pressure1Mpa
Exhaust pressure1.2Mpa
Operating temperature-40℃~ +60℃
Dimensions560x335x370 mm
Protection classIP67

Steering pump

Rated Power4 KW
Peak Power10.75 KW
Rated VoltageAC380V
Back EMF (Rated Speed)275V/krpm
Rated Current7.5A
Peak current15A
Rated torque19 N.m
Peak Torque38 N.M
Rated Speed1500r/Min
Working Speed1200 R/Min
Controlled Flow18±2L/Min
Working Frequency80 Hz

Auxiliary controller

DCAC Air brake compressor

DCAC steering pump

DCDC 12/24V

4.Electric drive cooling system

Expansion water tank

Cooling line

Electronicwater pump
Radiator + electronic fan assembly

5.Battery thermal management system

8kW battery thermal management system

6.Wiring harness

Harness length can be customized according to customer requirements

7.Dash board

Harness length can be customized according to customer requirements


Input Voltage
5V ± 0.3V
Initial F117N±6N (Accept OEM)
Terminate F230N±6N (Accept OEM)
Initial Angle (A1)<1.2°
Retarded( F5)>5N

9.New energy shift handle

Input Voltage5V ± 0.3V
Initial F117N±6N (Accept OEM)
Terminate F230N±6N (Accept OEM)
Initial Angle (A1)<1.2°
Retarded( F5)>5N

10.Charging pile

60KW Charging pile

Voltage400 VAC ±10% / 3 Phase + N + PE
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor≥ 0.98
THDi≤ 5%
Rate Power60kW
Voltage200 ~ 750 VDC
Current0 ~ 125 A
Efficiency≥ 96%
Cable Length5 Meter Standard Option
HM Interface
Display7” Color Touch Screen
Payment MethodCredit Card, RFID Card, Phone APP With Backend
Safety StandardIEC 61851-1:2010 / IEC 61851-23:2014
Connector TypeIEC 62196 (Combo CCS 2)
ConnectionCase C Connection
IP Protection LevelIP 54
Communication ProtocolDIN 70121
Dimension700(W) × 450(D) × 1900(H) Mm